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Summer offeranual offer




Your business will be placed, highlighted and labeled on the map, just like shown below:







Around the map we created space for your advertisement.

The grid marker on your ad will correspond to your location on the map.
Size and shape of your advertisement depends on you:
the size of the smallest module is 40mm X 40mm. Your ad can look like this:







...or it can have other shapes and sizes, just like that:







The price will depend on how many (40mm X 40mm) modules you will choose.
You will receive a discount for every additional module




Distribution tailored to market requirements:

The number of maps printed (in tens of thousands of copies)
will depend on the market’s demand. Our distribution will be constantly monitored
to assure that maps are always available.



All our partners are going to be promoted on worldwide.
Ads of our partners appear on top of the location upon mouse rollover on the label of their company.

For better communication, all the labels contain links to our advertisers' cites, activated by a click of the mouse.


Our advertisers can send ready to publish ads. Nevertheless, upon your request, Map Shack will design the ad for you FREE, regardless of the size of the project




















write to us (


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